Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Let's Go On a Picnic With Stainless Steel Food Jars

Picnicking is an awesome way to bond and enjoy the company of your family and friends.  But lets face it, not all picnic foods stay fresh or even travel that well.  Fresh fruit and veggies tend to dry out and get rubbery, while hot foods can get cold and inedible.  Let's explore the options of using our Stainless Steel Food Jars at over plasticware and zipper baggies.- your food options just opened up!

Plastic on a Picnic

We have all used plastic containers to try and keep food fresh longer.  Some are okay at doing this task while others completely fall short. When it comes to packing food for a picnic, the last thing you want is a pile of plastic filled with inedible food.  Not to mention, there is no way these types of containers are keeping your homemade food hot or cold.  With our Insulated Food Jars your picnic fare will remain the same way you packed it - fresh and fabulous!

Imagine serving up soups, stews, chili, casseroles or leftovers from last nights chicken or pot roast.  These may not sound like the perfect picnic foods, but with our Stainless Steel Food containers you are only limited by what is in your refrigerator.  Our jars keep hots hot for up to 5 hours and chilled foods cold for up to 7 hours - plenty of time to enjoy a picnic at the park or on the beach.  Plus, our jars have a wide-mouth for easy filling, eating and cleaning.

Plastic Baggies on a Picnic

I must admit, the zipper baggies did revolutionize the way we pack some food.  They are handy, but the food inside of them doesn't always travel well.  Crackers and cookies can crumble on impact, fresh produce can turn brown and soggy and unless you pack a sandwich flat with nothing around it, it will most likely become flattened and inedible.

Our Stainless Steel Food Jars are the perfect alternative to plastic zip bags.  The food stays intact and fresh and can travel anywhere, anytime in any conditions.  In addition, by using our food jars you are reducing the waste you will create - our jars don't need to go through a costly recycling process and are totally reusable.  That is both cost effect and environmentally friendly!

Picnic Yummies

Packing a picnic lunch has never been more fun when you have our Stainless Steel Food Jars.  With these you can bypass the normal sandwiches and pack a hot (or cold) wholesome lunch.  Try mac n' cheese, soups, salads, fresh produce, fruit smoothies and health drinks or any other hot or cold food you want to dine on.  Plus, you don't have to pack any extra picnicware when you can eat directly from these food jars.  With less things to carry you can hike into more remote areas and dine wherever you please.

Stop wasting money and time with food packed into plastic and zipper bags, when your picnic can turn into a fine dining experience with Stainless Steel Food Jars grab yours now at

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