Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A Fever - It's All In Your Head

We know that fevers can go hand-in-hand with most flu and cold bugs, but do we really know what's going on when it happens?  Fevers are such a common ailment we may almost take them for granted; we take our temperatures, it reads high, so we pop something for it and go on feeling miserable.  However, there is some serious stuff going on with our entire body when we have a fever.  Check it out at;

Our Brain Knows

In all of our brains there's a gauge that reads our core temperature, it's called, the hypothalamus.  Our hypothalamus knows what our temperatures should be and sends a message to the rest of the body to keep it that way - pretty handy, huh?  Most of us run a normal temperature of around 98.5 F (37 C) - of course some individuals can be lower or higher.  However, when germs invade our system, they can trigger other chemicals to flow in our body. Once these chemicals hit our brain, it triggers the hypothalamus into action.

Fighting Back

In order to help our bodies fight the bacteria of a cold or flu, the hypothalamus raises our core temperature (a fever).  Scientists believe that when our bodies heat up, it makes it a less favourable environment for germs to live in.  Plus, it also lets us know that our bloodstream has been invaded by an unfriendly source.  As our bodies heat up to the new temperature the hypothalamus has set (a fever), we may begin to feel cold and start to shiver - this speeds up the process as shivering causes heat. Once our body regulates to the higher temperature we stop shivering and won't feel cold anymore.

Taking Our Temperatures

One of the best ways to tell if we have a fever is by using a thermometer.  But not all thermometers are created equally.  Some are glass and go under the tongue or up your bum.  Others can go in your ear or under your armpit.  However, the most convenient of all is the forehead thermometer.  This handy little device measures the temperature from your forehead and never touches your skin.  You simply scan it across your forehead and the infrared technology picks up the heat being emitted and changes it into a digital reading.  Easy peasy! This thermometer is perfect for when the patient falls asleep so you can easily monitor the fever without waking them up.

Know for sure what your hypothalamus is trying to tell you with a fast, accurate forehead thermometer.  It's the technology of the future and will take the guess work out of your next cold or flu read more at

Let's Go On a Picnic With Stainless Steel Food Jars

Picnicking is an awesome way to bond and enjoy the company of your family and friends.  But lets face it, not all picnic foods stay fresh or even travel that well.  Fresh fruit and veggies tend to dry out and get rubbery, while hot foods can get cold and inedible.  Let's explore the options of using our Stainless Steel Food Jars at over plasticware and zipper baggies.- your food options just opened up!

Plastic on a Picnic

We have all used plastic containers to try and keep food fresh longer.  Some are okay at doing this task while others completely fall short. When it comes to packing food for a picnic, the last thing you want is a pile of plastic filled with inedible food.  Not to mention, there is no way these types of containers are keeping your homemade food hot or cold.  With our Insulated Food Jars your picnic fare will remain the same way you packed it - fresh and fabulous!

Imagine serving up soups, stews, chili, casseroles or leftovers from last nights chicken or pot roast.  These may not sound like the perfect picnic foods, but with our Stainless Steel Food containers you are only limited by what is in your refrigerator.  Our jars keep hots hot for up to 5 hours and chilled foods cold for up to 7 hours - plenty of time to enjoy a picnic at the park or on the beach.  Plus, our jars have a wide-mouth for easy filling, eating and cleaning.

Plastic Baggies on a Picnic

I must admit, the zipper baggies did revolutionize the way we pack some food.  They are handy, but the food inside of them doesn't always travel well.  Crackers and cookies can crumble on impact, fresh produce can turn brown and soggy and unless you pack a sandwich flat with nothing around it, it will most likely become flattened and inedible.

Our Stainless Steel Food Jars are the perfect alternative to plastic zip bags.  The food stays intact and fresh and can travel anywhere, anytime in any conditions.  In addition, by using our food jars you are reducing the waste you will create - our jars don't need to go through a costly recycling process and are totally reusable.  That is both cost effect and environmentally friendly!

Picnic Yummies

Packing a picnic lunch has never been more fun when you have our Stainless Steel Food Jars.  With these you can bypass the normal sandwiches and pack a hot (or cold) wholesome lunch.  Try mac n' cheese, soups, salads, fresh produce, fruit smoothies and health drinks or any other hot or cold food you want to dine on.  Plus, you don't have to pack any extra picnicware when you can eat directly from these food jars.  With less things to carry you can hike into more remote areas and dine wherever you please.

Stop wasting money and time with food packed into plastic and zipper bags, when your picnic can turn into a fine dining experience with Stainless Steel Food Jars grab yours now at

Back Seat Mirror Saves the Day

When you become a parent it changes everything. Not only do you bring another life into the world, but you are responsible for the well-being and safety of that little life. This can be overwhelming, but in today’s world with today’s technology, we do have companies making products to help us keep our kids safe. One on the most ingenious inventions of our time is the Back Seat Mirror. Read on to discover why this simple, yet effective product may save the day in your car.

Picture This…

Imagine you put your baby in her back facing car seat. You buckle her in, make sure everything is secure, then get in the driver’s seat and go. Now imagine you are driving along and your precious angel begins to cry, cough and choke - this can be a scary situation for new moms or even practised-parents, but worse when you are in the midst of traffic. Of course, the first thing you want to do is to get back to your child as soon as possible, but it’s not always easy to find a place to pull over. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a way to monitor what is going on behind you at all times? This is where the back seat mirror comes into play.

A Second Set of Eyes

Having a Back Seat Mirror is like having a second set of eyes. This handy tool easily installs onto the headrest and works on a swivel so you can adjust it accordingly - it should be placed where you can see your child’s car seat from your rearview mirror. Once in place you will always know what baby is doing. And in the case of our coughing, crying, choking infant, you will have the ability to gauge the situation without turning around in your seat, or making (potentially) panicked errors in your driving judgement read more at


Another great feature about the Back Seat Mirror is it is made from durable, non-breakable glass, so you won’t have to worry about it shattering if you drop it. In addition, the heavy duty straps are designed to hold tight even on bumpy roads or after continuous uses. And don’t worry about the Back Seat Mirror looking unstylish, this awesome safety-feature not only looks great, but it will give you peace-of-mind you crave each time you take your child out in the car.

Don’t spend another minute stressing over what your baby is up to in his/her rear facing car seat, grab a back seat mirror at and relax knowing that no matter what happens you have the ability to keep an eye on your precious cargo.

TPE Baby Bibs ~ The Best Thing Since Disposable Diapers!

I know some parents are still reluctant to use disposable diapers, but you can't deny that they do make cleaning baby a whole lot easier, plus they really cut down on the laundry and the mess of it all. I feel the same way about my new TPE (scientists call it Thermoplastic)  Baby Bibs.  They have virtually revolutionized the way we keep our toddlers clean and happy while they are learning to eat.

Unlike normal cloth bibs, these TPE wonders are soft and pliable and fit the entire length of your child's body.  In addition, there is a deep pocket to catch all those drips and crumbs.  Talk about a floor and clothes saver - I'm not sure you could pay me enough to go back to those old-style, stained and ineffective cloth bibs!  Check out what other cool features these bibs have to offer.

No Harmful Materials

I think, perhaps, the biggest reason why parents may not want to use a non-cloth item near their baby is because of all the talk about harmful toxins finding their way into some baby products.  I totally agree and would NEVER want to use something that is potentially harmful to my children.  However, these Silicone Baby Bibs are not only made from 100 percent all-natural materials. they also DO NOT CONTAIN ANY BPA, LEAD, LATEX, PHTHALATE OR PVC!  Plus, they have been tested by the FDA and the LFGB.  This should give you peace-of-mind knowing even if your toddler chews on this pliable bib, they won't be ingesting anything bad for them.

Perfect For…

I left this open ended because there are so many places you will find to use your Silicone Bibs, that a package of three will not be enough.  These bibs are ready-to-travel because they are soft enough to roll up and tuck anywhere; diaper bags, backpacks, purses, glove compartments, the list goes on.  I have used these bibs to keep my leather seats clean in my car when I need to give my child a sippy cup or a quick snack.  I have used them at restaurants to keep my toddler looking presentable through the entire meal.  I have taken them to the park so we can enjoy a nice picnic and have even left one at my babysitters and my parent's home.  The ease and convenience of this Silicone Baby Bib is too good not to share with those around you.

In addition, these Silicone Baby Bibs make great gifts for new parents and even for a toddler's first birthday.  They are perfectly cute and so time-saving, your friends and family members with beginner-eaters will thank you each time they are saved a lot of time with messy clean-ups and spills.

Take it from me, these TPE Baby Bibs are a must-have for any parent or caregiver of small children.  They aren't only soft and safe, but you will never have to deal with the hassles of traditional cloth bibs again get more information at